You know why.
We show you how.


When the timesheet falls away, you have the opportunity to purposefully redesign the way your law firm operates and harness the Value Pricing Advantage to transform the way you, your team and your clients experience law.

We will give you The Roadmap and show you how.


Who we are

Recalibrate believes that Value Pricing is the future of law. We are a team of legal professionals who have experienced the significant benefits of Value Pricing, honed our expertise and created the roadmap. And we are excited to share it with you.

Recalibrate believes that time-based billing and the OldLaw business model is broken and does not serve lawyers or their clients. We offer you the opportunity to recalibrate your legal business, realigning it with your team, your clients, and the reason you wanted to practice law.

The Value Pricing

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

— Socrates

Value Pricing is the New Law solution being embraced by progressive law firms who are ready to do law better. Now is the time to capture the real value of your work, which is much greater than the time it takes you to do it.  You will go on to enjoy benefits which extend far beyond financial, as you align yourself with your ideal clients and create a new collaborative team culture.

Stop fighting the timesheet and start building your law firm of the future.


We work with your team to create the road map which will transition your firm to Value Pricing and provide a comprehensive Project Plan tailored to your people and processes. 

We will integrate Value Pricing into your day-to-day operations and align your internal workflow with your ideal client experience. 

We give you the customised framework and processes you need to manage your team and financial performance, and explore how technology and automation can best support you.

Your team needs a new mindset and a new skillset to successfully scope and price legal work. We will challenge and support your team as they learn to capture value and realign your legal practice with your clients’ objectives, optimising your business. 

From script guides to welcome packs, we ensure that your team and your clients have all they need for a smooth onboarding experience.

Maximise the potential of Value Pricing for your business by applying a legal project management approach to your legal work. Achieve efficiency and transparency across your firm by programming the tasks which comprise each engaged scope of work and milestone invoicing, alongside work distribution and team capacity. 

Take advantage of the incredible ability your firm now has to project revenue and cashflow by looking forward at engaged work, rather than looking backwards at time-recorded WIP. 

We work with you to prepare and automate the reports you need for easy access to engagement data and projected revenue.

You may want to call on us from time-to-time to brainstorm a tricky client proposal, oversee the automation of a report, or onboard new team members. We will customise your package and be on hand to provide the ongoing support you need as you hone your Value Pricing technique and get better and better.

We teach your team about the power of price, the value which lawyers can create, how to identify client objectives and how to create and deliver value.

A trial run allows you to satisfy yourself that Value Pricing is a good fit for your firm. You will have the opportunity to dip your toes in the water and scope and price your own matters, with our ongoing support and guidance

We provide you with customised templates, including a client strategy proposal, which takes your team through the process of scoping legal work and generating fixed price options for your clients, based on the value of the work to your client and your firm.

We will help you determine your Pricing Policy which is the agreed process and parameters which your team will apply when scoping and pricing legal work. 

We will form and train your Value Council, a rotating group of team members who consider, workshop and approve each client strategy proposal, ensuring quality of scoping and pricing and adherence to your firm’s Pricing Policy.

Uncover what your clients truly value by drilling down into your clients’ objectives and what they are really buying (Hint: it is not your time!). 

We will teach you how to have the Value Conversation and articulate your value to your clients and your network, with confidence, setting your firm apart from your time-billing competitors. 

Optimise your client experience by mapping the interface between your internal value pricing process and the client journey, from the client’s first contact with the firm until conclusion of their matter.

Purposefully redesign your team targets and performance metrics to align with your people, values and goals and develop ways to capture meaningful data about your business, without the timesheet. 

We create the framework necessary to encourage ongoing reflection and continual improvement of Value Pricing at your firm, via routine After Action Reviews in which you identify and share what worked well and what could have been done better, building efficiency, overcoming challenges and streamlining processes.

The Roadmap

Any Practice Area  |  Any Size  |  Anywhere

Team Introduction &
Custom Project Plan
Operations, Systems &
Process Design
Scope, Price &
Communicate Value
Implementation &