the value pricing

A business model where the firm proposes a fixed price for a fixed scope of work to the client

Applying a strategic and project management style approach to legal matters

The client is provided with different options with a choice of scope and price

The prices are based on the value to be created for the client by the work being performed

Unlike ‘menu’ or ’list’ pricing, the price is customised to the client

Involves an upfront conversation with the client about expectations, desired service level, objectives and budget

The firm and the client’s goals are aligned

The engaged option of work forms part of the fixed price agreement with the client

for your firm

Higher profit, capture the real value of your work

Team member wellbeing & morale

Invoice projection & live financial forecast

Market differentiation, attract and retain your ideal clients and team members

Eliminate costs complaints, write-downs and write-offs

Incentivise team efficiency, productivity & growth

Eliminate debtors & optimise cashflow

New collaborative culture replacing the silo of work, knowledge and expertise

for your client

Price certainty

Upfront payment terms

Ability to budget costs

Control over legal matter


Confidence in alignment with their lawyer

Informed risk/benefit analysis at each stage of their matter

Clearly articulated options