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Recalibrate believes that Value Pricing is the future of law. We are a team of legal professionals who have experienced the significant benefits of Value Pricing, honed our expertise and created the roadmap. And we are excited to share it with you.

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Elani Maas

Practice Manager

I fell in love with Value Pricing when I managed the transition of a previous practice and discovered the amazing opportunities which Value Pricing presents to law firms and their teams. 

I encourage lawyers to be creative about the way they work. I am passionate about seeing legal professionals break the mould, embrace Value Pricing and reap all of the personal and professional benefits which follow.

I have developed a niche skill set in identifying client’s true objectives, structuring legal strategies and building service options which create and capture value for clients.

The benefits of Value Pricing lie far beyond changing the way you bill. I help law firms embrace the broader business model change and integrate Value Pricing into their infrastructure, workflow, culture and client experience. I bring my experience as Legal Practice Manager of Bromfield Family Law, and qualifications in Legal Operations and Legal Project Management to make Value Pricing work on the ground for firms, lawyers and clients.

Let’s see how we can make it work for you.

Katherine Bromfield

Director – Family Lawyer

I started out as a Legal Aid lawyer before I made the transition to private family law practice and I always struggled to reconcile the practice of law with the traditional business of law. What I mean by that, is that the practice of law requires lawyers to put their clients interests first and hold their trust and confidence, whereas the traditional business model of law requires lawyers to issue time-based bills based on an arbitrary hourly rate, irrespective of the value of the actual work to the client.

Few clients consider time-based billing to be reasonable or fair, and even seasoned lawyers can struggle to justify it beyond their KPIs and bonus structure.

I managed the success of the transition from time-based billing to Value Pricing as Family Law Team Leader in another practice around five years ago, and I now run my own successful family law and litigation practice at Bromfield Family Law. Our team makes it a point of pride that we have never filled in a time sheet, or had a costs complaint or a bad debtor, allowing us to focus on providing solutions to our clients.

Now coming up to 15 years of legal practice, Value Pricing allowed me to fall back in love with the practice of law. I have now re-aligned the practice and business of law so that my clients remain central, and their experience is paramount.

I am passionate about the benefits of Value Pricing, and look forward to showing you how to do it successfully, no matter your size or practice area.

Zoe Rosman

Family Lawyer

I have come to accept that I am currently an outlier in the legal industry, and that’s not a bad thing. Having worked across multiple law firms in the litigious area of family law, the significance does not pass me by when I say that I have never once filled out a time sheet or undervalued the outcomes I delivered to a client by ascribing an hourly rate. So to those that say it cannot be done, I say, there is simply no other way to do it.

Before your clients even walk in the door, they have a preconceived idea about the way you work, and the likelihood that they can expect an inflated bill at the end of the month. As a Value Pricer, you get to align your interests with your clients’ objectives from the get go. You get to tell your client’s that their experience will be different, and then you get to show them how.

The benefit of Value Pricing is three-fold, benefit to the client, benefit to the lawyer and benefit to the broader firm. Value Pricing carves out space for strategic thinking and broader team involvement in each matter. It shifts the focus from inputs to results, creating sharper outcomes from a better balanced team. And have I mentioned, no costs complaints?

I continue to work as a family lawyer alongside Kathy and Elani at Bromfield Family Law where we implement Value Pricing on a daily basis. Between us, we have over a decade of experience and learnings about VP that we want to pass onto you. We know that the leap from old to new can be daunting, but we are here to guide you every step of the way.

If you can’t already tell, we love talking about Value Pricing. I welcome you to join me as an outlier, starting with a coffee or a chat.

John Chisholm


I’m a 3rd generation “recovering” lawyer. After leaving BigLaw as a partner, managing partner and CEO at two prestigious Australian law firms I established my own consultancy in 2005 to share my expertise and experience with professionals that look to maximise their performance and wellbeing by adopting better and different business models and mindsets.

As a practising lawyer, I was well placed to experience first-hand both the benefits but also drawbacks of the professions billing their services solely by reference to time. For over 15 years now I have worked with many professional firms (and their customers) around the world equipping them to transform for success by helping them to better understand the value they create and how to capture that value with strategic pricing.

I am a Senior Fellow of the VeraSage Institute, an international think tank of thought leaders and innovators for professional firms, Fellow of the College of Legal Practice Management (US) and Co Founder of Legal Iconoclasts. I was previously an Adjunct Professor of Law at La Trobe University Law School (2018-2021), and Distinguished Fellow Centre for Legal Innovation 2019-2020 and long time presenter and lecturer at the Leo Cussen College of Law. I have written numerous articles, papers, and blogs on Value Pricing and business model change and have presented and spoken to thousands of professionals on the topic.

Scott Simmons


I am a toolbox for turning lawyers into rainmakers. 

One of the unforeseen consequences of billable hours is that lawyers have lost the ability to articulate the value we bring to clients and their matters. A client comes to us with a matter; we give them our charge-out rates and estimate the fee based on previous matters.

I show lawyers how to free themselves of the billable hour by asking their clients the right questions and identifying and confidently articulating the value of their work. Once you nail the Value Conversation, you differentiate yourself in the market and give yourself a strong foundation for business development and sustained growth. 

Having spent the first half of my career in practice, I understand that whilst essential, business development does not come naturally to most lawyers and can be difficult to incorporate into their day-to-day work. Over the past 11 years I have provided bespoke training, coaching, and leadership courses to professionals at all stages of their careers to enhance their BD skills, and I regularly write and speak on the topic.

I am a husband and father and an avid film lover, so do not be surprised when I include an analogy relating to ‘Jaws’ or ‘When Harry Met Sally’ into any training or coaching session.